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Minion DH F 60DW ST42a

26 x 2.50 Minion DH Front

High Roller 60TPI kevlar 70a

Maxxis High Roller26 x 2.10

Minion DH R 60TPI wire SPC ST42a

Minion DH R 26x2.35

Crossmark 60TPI wire 70a

Crossmark 26x2.10

Ignitor 60TPI wire 60a

Maxxis Ignitor 26 x 2.10

Hookworm 60TPI wire 70a

20 x 1.95 Hookworm tyre

Creepy crawler 60TPI wire ST42a

20 x 2.00 Creepy crawler tyre

MaxxDaddy 60TPI wire 70a

Maxx Daddy BMX tyre 20 x 2.20 wire bead.

Ringworm 60TPI wire 70a

Maxxis Ringworm 20 x 1.95

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