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Bike Buying Guide

Choosing the right bike

There are many options available and selecting the correct type of bike is important. First you must decide what your requirements are and the type of riding you will be doing. This will determine which type of bike is right for you. There are many types of bike available for every day use, recreational leisure or specific disciplines.

Size and Fit

You must sit on a bike to ensure it is comfortable. This will allow you to judge the reach and if your feet can touch the ground comfortably on both sides. Specific frame geometries and components will affect the riding position and adjustment.

All-Terrain / Mountain bikes

This covers many products but generally you choose between hard tails and full suspension. Hard tail bikes have rigid frames and a suspension front fork whereas a full suspension bike incorporates rear suspension. All-terrain bikes are versatile and can handle off road conditions from rough rocky conditions to less challenging towpaths and bridleways. Hard tails are more responsive with the front suspension forks helping absorb the bumps with all the power pushed through the pedals transferring into momentum. Full suspension bikes are designed to handle more aggressive downhill conditions by adsorbing impacts whilst maintaining traction but on the flat some of your power will be lost due to the rear suspension.

Not all all-terrain bikes are designed for serious off road riding. You need to look at the component specification in detail to ensure the function and quality are right for your requirements, especially the gear set and shifters, brakes, saddle, grips and tyre tread pattern. Riding position is important – the more upright the less impact will be placed on your lower back plus your vision will be improved. Take a look at our Freeride AT and Voyager ranges.

Town and Comfort bikes

This category is a hybrid of road and all terrain bikes. Designed for tarmac riding with occasional off road riding on towpaths, bridleways or cycle trails. These are sleeker framed bikes with slimmer wheels and tyres for faster rolling. Some are equipped like our Pioneer Metro range and others are more sporty like our Pioneer Urban series. Ideal for commuters and recreational riders.

Female specific bikes

Throughout the range of bikes we have our female specific versions. These bikes have been specifically designed for the female body. Our bikes include subtle geometry changes that make the bike a more comfortable fit. There are other features which make the bikes more user friendly like step-through frames which reduce the height you have to lift your leg when mounting the bike.

Other bikes

Bikes come in many different shapes and sizes with many variations and specific uses – BMX, Dirt Jump, Downhill, Touring, Folding, Tandems and Kids bikes.